Merry Christmas

Christmas greetings and thank you for supporting my reelection to the Marion County Board of Commissioners. Your efforts – displaying signs, hosting an event, allowing your name to be used in an endorsement and your valued resources all combined make for a successful campaign. I am deeply grateful. As I shared shortly after the election […]

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Honoring Commissioner Janet Carlson

Janet Carlson’s numerous talents have blessed my family for many, many years.  Her encouragement began long before I considered being involved in politics.  Her daughter Erica was my daughter’s choir teacher at Crossler Middle School.  Her family influenced my daughter’s musical talent through her high school years at Sprague.  Many people are unaware of Janet’s […]

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Veterans Days 2018

Americans have the right to vote and the ability to speak freely, thanks to sacrifices made by the men and women who served our country. Thank you, veterans, for ensuring we have a country where power and elected positions are transferred peacefully.

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Thank You for Your Vote of Confidence

Thank you to the citizens of Marion County for electing me to another term on the County Commission, and to Shelaswau Crier for running a spirited campaign. I remain committed to faithfully serving all citizens of our county, including those who did not vote for me. We have many challenges and opportunities in the years […]

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Be Aware of Election Misinformation

Yesterday I read the email below from Secretary of State Dennis Richardson and thought it to be extremely timely as all ballots must be received by 8pm, this coming Tuesday November 6th. Thank you for participating in this great process. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. My best, “You […]

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