Kevin Cameron knows and understands from real experience what it takes to not only hold onto a job, but what it takes to provide jobs for others. Being an employer himself, Kevin understands the challenges facing both employers and employees in Oregon. He is dedicated to ensuring that Oregon gets on a better track to having and maintaining a thriving economy that provides stable, family wage jobs.


Kevin Cameron understands that to have a thriving community we need a strong education system. Kevin will continue to work in the State House to help support and better Oregon’s education system.


Kevin Cameron puts safety first. Being on the re-entry council and other boards has helped him have a full understanding of what it takes to ensure the safety of the public. He continues to support issues of public safety.


Kevin Cameron has a strong record of reaching out to the seniors in our community and making sure that they are being represented. Kevin also believes that health care needs to be affordable and that expanding the choices offered to citizens is a good first step.


Kevin Cameron is a fiscal conservative. He believes that as Oregon families across the state are struggling to make ends meet and have to make tough decisions, that the State Government must make them too. In other words, the State Government needs to tighten its belt and cut spending. We all must live within our means. The government needs checks and balances that ensure spending is under control and that agencies and organizations are running efficiently and providing high levels of service to our citizens.