House Republican Leader Comments on June 2012 Revenue Forecast

  • 05.22.2012

SALEM— House Republican Leader Kevin Cameron (R-Salem) had the following to say regarding the June 2012 economic and revenue forecast:

“The June forecast, once again, demonstrates the importance of prudent budgeting. As Oregon’s revenue picture remains cloudy, House Republicans are committed to controlling state spending and setting aside reserves to protect critical services.

“Today’s forecast is concerning because Oregon’s economy isn’t producing enough new private sector jobs. Investment income is weaker than expected and personal income tax revenue has fallen. It’s clear we continue to have a jobs problem, especially in communities outside Portland that are falling further behind.

“House Republicans will continue to focus on solutions to grow the economy, including supporting Oregon’s small businesses and reducing the tax burden on working families. Promoting private sector job creation and increasing Oregonians’ personal spending power is the only way to lift Oregon out of this economic downturn and generate more resources for schools and public safety programs.”