2012 Legislative Summary

  • 03.08.2012
  • Kevin Cameron’s Legislative Newsletter

The 2012 session adjourned the evening of Monday, March 5. I am pleased to have reached a rebalanced budget plan without raising taxes or raiding reserves. The plan also avoids drastic cuts to essential services, while making significant money-saving reforms to state government. Additionally, we achieved bipartisan compromise on health care and education reform. But we could have done far more in passing solutions to Oregon’s unemployment.

The Statesman Journal headlined this week, “Lawmakers Focus to Shift to the Economy.” Well, I am not shifting because I haven‘t deviated from my priority of getting Oregonians back to work. With 190,000 unemployed Oregonians, the Legislature’s inaction on jobs and the economy is inexcusable. Oregon will suffer high unemployment as long as its elected officials refuse to take bold action on the economy. Legislation, from sustainably utilizing the state’s abundant natural resources to making its tax and regulatory environment more competitive in a global economy, was offered this session and failed to progress. This was very disappointing.

I value your thoughts and comments as we continue to move forward. I hope you will take time to complete the survey question in the sidebar of this newsletter. Please join me at our first of three town halls on Tuesday, March 20, 6:45 PM at Turner Christian Church, 7871 Marion Rd SE, Turner, OR 97392. It is an honor and privilege to serve you in the Legislature.