Business Development and Job Growth Grant Opportunities

One of my areas of service, as a Marion County Commissioner, is on the Economic Development Advisory Board. Last week we released the application process for the second round of Business Development Grants. If you are a private business in Marion County you may be interested in going to the link and seeing if you qualify for these grants. If you are not involved in a business, but may know of one who could be interested please feel free to forward the information along. The grant process closes November 30, 2015.

As always, my office is here to help you or direct you to those who can provide the assistance needed.

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Business Development Grants are available to private sector businesses for projects that result in job creation and retention. Preference is given to target sectors which include:
(a) manufacturing,
(b) tourism, and
(c) agriculture and natural resources, including related services and supports.

Funds Available:
Up to $161,750 is available for Business Development Grants for 2015-16 Cycle II. Marion County anticipates up to $161,750 in Business Development Grant funds to be available during the 2015-16 Cycle II. Grant amounts range from $5,000 to $50,000; the maximum requested amount cannot exceed $50,000 per project. These funds are available for eligible economic development projects in Marion County which meet the criteria outlined in the grant Application, including but not limited to leveraging an investment match for grant funds.

Business Development Grants Categories:
a. Business Recruitment – Relocation or expansion of a business to start operations in Marion County.
b. Business Expansion – Available to businesses currently operating in Marion County to create new jobs, expand product or service, or implement operations or facility improvements that reduce strain on local infrastructure (i.e., energy, water, waste water, environmental pollutants, etc.)
c. Business Retention – Retention of a business that is currently operating in Marion County to prevent the loss of jobs through implementation of lean management programs, equipment upgrades, or facility improvements/relocation.

More information can be found at