“CALL TO ACTION: Help Appoint Kevin to the Marion County Commission”

Last week I was honored to be selected as one of the finalists to be considered by the Marion County Commissioners to fill the seat recently vacated by Patti Milne. Commissioners Brentano and Carlson have since outlined the timeline for the appointment process. On May 14th they will interview myself and the other candidates before making a selection of who will join them on the Commission.

Your immediate help is needed to make a difference during this process. You can support my appointment by contacting the Commissioners and letting them know why you think that I am the right person to fill this interim position.

If we are to be successful it’s important that they hear from citizens throughout Marion County, so please send them an email and tell your friends to do so as well! With your help, I will be able to serve out the remainder of Patti Milne’s term and be in a stronger position to win a full term this November in the general election.

You may email or call the Commissioners at:
Sam Brentano, E-mail: sabrentano@co.marion.or.us, Phone: 503-588-5212
Janet Carlson, E-mail: jcarlson@co.marion.or.us, Phone: 503-588-5212

Mail the Commissioners at:
Marion County Board of Commissioners
Attn: Sam Brentano and Janet Carlson
PO Box 14500
Salem, Oregon 97309

You may read more about the appointment process at:

Regardless of how the next steps of this process turn out, I will continue to run as your candidate in the November election. I am committed to ensuring we have a robust economy and job market,that our citizens feel safe and our infrastructure is maintained. And whether I am appointed to the Commission or not I will still need your help and support during this campaign.

If you’d like a yard sign please contact me directly at kevin@kevincameronfororegon.com or 503.269.0915. You may also sign up at http://action.kevincameronfororegon.com/endorse. Again thank you for your time and your support, I look forward to hearing from you.

Endorsed by:
Bruce and Lois Anderson
Chuck Adams
Common Sense for Oregon PAC
Crime Victims United
Dan Estes
Dan Farrington
Diane McLaran
Dick Brady
Dick Withnell
Gary Wilhelms
Gerry Frank
Jeff and Denyc Boles
Jim and Bonnie Trumbell
Jose Gonzalez
Keeta Lauderdale
Ken Hector
Kevin Campbell
Kevin Mannix
Mark McCracken
Mike McCallum
Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance PAC
Oregon Family Council
Oregon Right to Life
Oregonians In Action PAC
Patrick and Kristi Sieng
Raquel Moore-Green
Rep. Julie Parrish
Rep. Vic Gilliam
Rich Duncan
Roger Beyer
Sandi Emery-Elwood
Stanley and Patricia Milne
Taxpayers Association of Oregon PAC
Terry and Sheri Molyneaux
TJ Sullivan
Tonk Fischer
William K. Dettwyler