Eclipse Safety Tips

Many of you may be aware of the total solar eclipse that will be taking place on Monday, August 21st at approximately 10 AM. Salem is in the pathway of this epic event and as such your local municipalities are preparing for the arrival of visitors to the region.

Because of the expected influx to the area, we want to ensure that residents throughout the region are current with helpful instructions and facts. The City of Salem and Marion County have unveiled a new website where residents, and visitors to the area can find information regarding the August 21st eclipse. Starting now, people can go to for informational articles ranging from ‘What Local Government Agencies Are Doing to Prepare for the Eclipse,’ to ‘10 Things Businesses Should Know when Preparing for The Eclipse.’

Below is a safety tips flyer created by the Oregon Fire Marshal’s Office, which you may find helpful as well. Please remember my door is always open and I welcome your thoughts, comments and concerns.