Environmental Services

One of my goals as your commissioner is to try and learn as much as I can about the programs that Marion County offers to our citizens. Last year I enrolled in the Master Recycler Class. I found the class very educational and discovered many things unique to our county that continually rank us at the top for waste reduction. Marion County has been ranked one or two out of 36 counties in Oregon for the last several years. We are the only county in the state that turns our waste into electricity. In turn the leftover ash is shipped daily to Benton County for use as cover on their landfill.

As a “Conservative Conservationist” I highly recommend the class. I know the next offering of the Master Recycler Class will take place during the day. You may need to wait for the evening classes, as I did. To learn more about the class please email environmentalservices@co.marion.or.us or visit http://MCRecycles.net.

This year the Environmental Service Division has developed a community wide campaign: “Save the Food.” This food waste reduction campaign addresses a problem with environmental impacts and aims to bring awareness to the issue of household food waste through education. The issue of food waste includes: how much goes to waste, why waste happens, why waste matters, and most importantly strategies to reduce waste. Sharing strategies, citizens and businesses can make better decisions as to how to plan ahead, shop smart, prep early, and properly store the food they purchase. The goal of the effort is have all of us take action as we save food.
Commissioner Brentano and I spoke about these programs during our recent taping of “Marion County Today.” This episode will preview this Sunday, July 27 at 3 PM on CCTV, Comcast Channel 21, and again the following Thursday at 5:30 PM.

July 23, 2015