“full depth of knowledge and genuine passion for the county”

Like many others we are counting down the days to Election Day and the endorsements for my candidacy as Marion County Commissioner continue to roll in. This past week I received the endorsement of the Woodburn Independent. “But because of his full depth of knowledge and genuine passion for the county, the Woodburn Independent endorses Kevin Cameron for Marion County Commissioner Position 1.” You may read the full opinion at:

During the last several months hundreds of citizens throughout the county have added their name to support my election.

Adam Garman, Barb Hacke Resch, Bill Perry, Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association, Billy Dalto, Bob Renggli, Bonnie Trumbell, Bruce Anderson, Bud Pierce, Byron Hendricks, Cal Curths, Chad Elliott, Chuck Adams, Chuck Lucas, Cindy Silbernagel, Clover Stein, Connie Johnson, Dan Dorn, Dan Estes, Dan Farrington, Dawn Anderson, Dayna Jung, Diane McLaran, Dick Brady, Dick Withnell, DJ Thomas, Donna Schumate, Doug Bolton, Drew Wright, Ed Davis, Ed Dodson, Garrett Wolfard, Gary Bechtel, Gary Wilhelms, Gary Williamson, Gene Derfler, Gene Duval, Gene Ebersole, Gerry Frank, Gladys Blum, Greg Leo, Greg Loberg, Griff Lindell, Harold White, Janna Allbritton, Jason Myers, Jean Wheat-Palm, Jeff Boles, Jeffrey Zens, Jerelyn Ribeiro, Jim Elkins, Jim Jacobe, The Jacobe Group LLC, Jim Markee, Jim Moore, Jim Rasmussen, Jim Trumbell, Joanne Mosgrove, Joel Hancock, John Miller, John Rispler, John Zielinski, Joni Simmons, Jose Gonzalez, Karen Elkins, Karl Dettwyler, Kathryn Dee Power, Kathy Goss, Keeta Lauderdale, Kelly Martin, Ken Hector, Kevin Campbell, Kevin Cole, Kevin Mannix, Kristi Sieng, Larry Harvey, Larry Lindsey, Laura Dorn, Linda Perry, Lois Anderson, Lorie Walters, Madeline Nowell, Marianne Destefano-Hill, Mark McCracken, Mark Nelson, Mark Simmons, Marla Rae, Mary Lucas, Mike Brickley, Mike Erdmann, Mike McCallum, Monique Nelson, Nick Rhoten, Nick Williams, Patrick Sieng, Patti Milne, Patti Williamson, Paula Holt, Philip Culpovich, Ralph Saperstein, Rep. Denyc Boles, Rep. Julie Parrish, Rep. Kim Thatcher, Rep. Vic Gilliam, Rich Duncan, Richard Fergeson, Rick Day, Rick Stein, Rob Bartell, Rob Freres, Rocky Nordone, Rod Harder, Rodney Stubbs, Roger Beyer, Rosalie Voda, Ryan Allbritton, Sandi Emery-Elwood, Scott Nelson, Sharon Fergeson, Shawn Lindsay, Sheri Molyneaux, Stan Milne, Steve Johnson, Steve Vaught, Stuart Olson, Sue Curths, Sue Lindsey, Sue Miller, Susie Kay, Teri Andler, Terry Molyneaux, Terry Silbernagel, Tim Kirsch, TJ Sullivan, Tonk Fischer, Wayne Sellers, Wes Holt, and William Dettwyler

I appreciate each and every one of them for making a stance to elect me to the Marion County Board of Commissioners.