January News

2016 is a new year filled with new resolutions and for some of us, like me, renewed resolutions. One of my personal renewed resolutions is a daily workout. And one of my renewed resolutions to the constituents of Marion County is a continued focus on providing the services you expect, such as public safety, in a timely, efficient and economical manner. Your tax dollars pay for the services and the provider, Marion County, should be in the business of serving the customer.

Goals go hand in hand with new year resolutions and I continue to work towards development and implementation of diverse partnerships that will foster business and job creation. The backbone of our economy are small businesses and where possible we will certainly help in reducing regulations that make new economic opportunities more favorable in Marion County. Job creation requires a business friendly environment and local government designed to use your tax dollars more efficiently.

The first week of the new year brought with it our weekly Wednesday board meeting. I chaired the meeting in my new role as 2016 Chair of the Marion County Board of Commissioners. Meeting agendas are available weekly at: http://www.co.marion.or.us/BOC/Pages/currentagenda.aspx

Two other new undertakings for me this year are the President of the Detroit Lake Foundation, and the Chair of the Sustainer Campaign for CASA of Marion County. You can read more about CASA on the event section of the website, and I’ll update you on the progress of the newly formed Detroit Lake Foundation later this spring.

Thank you for taking time to read, and please remember my door is always open. Just give me a call or drop an email. I can be reached at kcameron@co.marion.or.us or (503) 588-5212.