Upcoming Annual Session

  • 01.06.2012
  • Kevin's Newsletter

February brings our first constitutional annual session. Due to the legislative resolution which was referred to voters in the Nov. 2010 general election, we amended the state’s constitution and changed the schedule of regular sessions from bi-annual to annual. With limited exceptions, the constitutional changes limit the length of Legislative sessions beginning in odd-numbered years to 160 calendar days, and sessions beginning in even-numbered years to 35 calendar days. The changes took effect with the 2011 session.

We are now preparing for the short session beginning February 1st and ending no later than March 6th. We will be having regular committee hearings considering legislative proposals, as well as floor sessions. Each legislator is limited to two bills for this session.

In a recent newsletter I asked the question “Do you have confidence that the economy is improving for you and your family?” 81% replied “no.”

Oregonians are still struggling. I will continue to press for reforms and policies that will improve the creation of private sector jobs. This session will also largely focus on the continued decrease in revenue and how it is impacting the budget.

Live Telephone Town Hall
You’re invited to join a live Telephone Town Hall with Representative Kevin Cameron and Representative Katie Eyre to discuss the upcoming February Legislative Session and it how it impacts local job creation and your family. This event will take place Monday, January 23rd from 7:00 – 8:00 pm.

In order to join the 60 minute Q and A discussion, please go to my website and fill out the form and you will be called minutes before the meeting with a personal invitation to join the meeting on the phone number you provide our office.