Latest Newsletter: Jobs and Education Thoughts

It’s that time of year again.  The lazy days of summer are fading and kids are headed back to school.  Last legislative session there were some reforms passed with the goals of improving education in our state.  One major change introduced by Governor Kitzhaber and affirmed by the legislature was the creation of the state’s first Chief Education Officer.  This is an appointed position which was recently filled by Dr. Rudy Crew.


Dr. Crew is known nationally with a reputation of innovative leadership and a track record for turning around failing schools and school districts.  He certainly wasn’t a “safe” choice by the governor as he also brings with him a reputation for boldness, questioning the status quo and pushing for results.  I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Crew recently and enjoyed his candor and passion for education.  I invite you to join us on our upcoming telephone town hall and hear his vision for Oregon.  I am optimistic about our new leadership for our state.   Fresh viewpoints can be extremely beneficial.  Welcome to Oregon Dr. Crew!

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