Rep. Kevin Cameron Announces Bid for Marion County Commissioner

 This morning on the steps of the Marion County Courthouse, Rep. Kevin Cameron announced he will be a candidate for Marion County Commissioner.  Kevin’s strong small business background, community involvement, legislative experience coupled with his ability to bring people and groups together will provide stable and consistent leadership that Marion County needs to continue it’s vital role in our local economy.


“We live in a very unique, beautiful and productive area of Oregon.  Our natural resources- a fertile valley, abundant forestland, and water, when approached with a balanced stewardship mission will allow us to raise the economic level of all our citizens.”


“As your Marion County Commissioner I will continue to put the citizens first and do everything possible to support public safety and create an environment for businesses to operate and expand.”


“I have worked closely with the city leaders of Salem, Turner and Aumsville as well as the county from my state representative position to help pass legislation that has made Marion County a model throughout the state.  In today’s difficult budget climate I know how to make the tough choices that citizens expect of their leaders.”


Community leaders Dick and Gayle Withnell added:  “Kevin is an excellent leader.  If you care about jobs, public safety and help for those truly in need, then you will appreciate and support Kevin Cameron.”


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