State of the County

Last week my fellow Commissioners and I presented the annual State of County Address to a packed room of business leaders, community members and other elected officials.  It is an honor to be your Board Chair this year and serve along side Commissioners Brentano and Willis.

We reported on many important issues from transportation to economic development and homelessness.  All who attended received a copy of 

Marion County Today Spring 2019.  Here is a link to the publication:  Marion County Today 2019.  I hope you find it of value in further understanding the role of your County government and how we strive to provide top notch services to our citizens.

This annual address was the first one, but not the last.  For a full listing of the dates, times and locations of our upcoming addresses please visit: Meetings and Events .  Or take view the March 13th address at: State of the County Address, March 13, 2019

I look forward to working with you in making Marion County a great place to live, work, and play!  We can only do this if we have good communication, so please feel free to let me know your ideas and what you would like to read about in this newsletter.