The American Experiment Lives On –

First I would like to thank you and all those who took up their American right and responsibility to cast their ballots in this election. I know we live in a place where we take so many things for granted and Election Day always reminds me to give thanks for where our family gets to live, work and serve – the United States of America, the state of Oregon.

During the next few months, many individuals will leave elected office at the local, state and federal level and new citizens will take their places in our government. The amazing thing is this will be a change that occurs without a shot being fired, without a physical fight as we continually witness in other places in the world! The American Experiment put in place by our founding fathers is still the most peaceful government. Abraham Lincoln said, “government of the people by the people for the people shall not perish from the earth.” We may think that the government is not listening or not responsive to our individual needs, but we as citizens are still the ones choosing who will represent us at all levels.

If we have not participated in this election by at a minimum casting our ballot, then we are leaving the decisions of future government leadership to those who do participate. As your elected county commissioner I will continue to represent all the citizens of Marion County.

As the oath of office states, “to the best of my ability” I will do my best to make sure the county government is for the people, of the people, by the people. I understand that I will not always be viewed in a positive light, but I will make the decisions that I believe will be best in the long term for the citizens of our county to preserve the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The later being that of opportunity to earn a living and create a higher standard of living for each and every individual and family.

May you and your families find the balance of contentment while reaching to do more for others and yourself to raise the standard of living of all during the remainder of this year and on into the future.

And remember your representatives are elected to a “government for the people” and you have every right to make sure your voice is heard, regardless of who you voted for on Election Day!

November 7, 2014