Rep. Cameron’s Town Hall Recap

Yesterday, Thursday, June 6, Citizens of House District 19 joined Rep. Kevin Cameron (R-Salem) for a town hall yesterday afternoon at the South Salem Senior Center.  After a brief overview of the 77th Legislative session the interaction with the attendees focused heavily upon education funding and PERS reform.  The participants expressed a keen desire for further PERS reform; the current legislation does not go far enough.  The increasing costs of the program are taking dollars away from our children and teachers.  The second area of concern was funding for our elementary through secondary education; acknowledging our future is currently in classrooms that are overcrowded and underfunded. Obviously, further savings from PERS reform could be directed back into hiring more teachers.

Some federal issues were also addressed, logging in federal timber lands, and services to veterans.  Sustainable forest practices would create healthier forest and improve the economies of our rural communities at the same time.

A special thanks to the volunteers of Senior Center for making this town hall possible.  The town hall was hosted at the South Salem Senior Center located at:  6450 Fairway Ave SE, Salem, OR  97306-1443.  If you would like further information or have a question please contact Rep. Cameron at 503.986.1419 or email to