Visit Kevin at ShowBiz: Booth 704

It is another busy week in the Mid-Willamette Valley! Education is a lifelong endeavor and as I attend meetings, forums and events I am continually encouraged by people who recognize the interconnection of education, jobs and infrastructure. We need businesses to employee people, people educated to work, and infrastructure to get the goods produced to market.

I encourage you to visit ShowBiz this Thursday, May 8. Several hundred business from throughout the Willamette Valley will be gathered under one roof for this premier business show of the year. Plan to visit us at booth 704. I look forward to hearing from local business and citizens about their ideas to help strengthen our region and economy. Here are the details:

ShowBiz, Thursday, May 8 @3-8 PM, $5 per person, tickets available at the door or the Salem Area Chamber of Commerce. Oregon State Fair & Expos Center-AmeriCraft Center @ 2330 17th St NE, Salem, OR 97303

I hope to see you at ShowBiz on Thursday.