Water – as easy as turning on the faucet or not?

Yesterday the Statesman Journal published an article about Marion County being allowed to join the lawsuit on the Detroit Dam Project.  You can read the full article here: SJ Article

As a County Commissioner I can convene people and groups together to come up with practical balanced solutions to complicated issues.  Restoring the native fish population while balancing the needs of downstream citizens domestic, agricultural water supplies and recreational economies within the Canyon is a complex issue.  It needs to be looked at from many perspectives.   Joining this lawsuit is another step towards making sure the concerns of all stakeholders are heard and considered as we move forward.

Also included here is a link to a “movie” I created about the Detroit Dam tour I took in January 2018 with Ed Flick our Emergency Manager. You may enjoy an inside look at the dam. Tour of Detroit Dam

This may all lead to you to wonder what else does a County Commissioner do during a regular work day?  When asked I usually respond in a slight joking way “we commission things” and receive a laugh or at least a smile in return.  Another question I am often asked, “is it a full-time job?”  To this I respond, “I sometimes wish it was only full time!”  I put in many hours, day and evening and sometimes on weekends.  Below are links to a couple of different media sources that will give you a glimpse into some of the work I’ve done as a County Commissioner.

The first is an article written by a Bend media source about the 2nd Chance Tour (www.secondchancetour.com) you can read about it here: Bend Second Chance.  Since 2007 I have served on the Governor’s Reentry Council and have worked hard as Co-Chair during the past 2 years with Genevieve Martin of Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation.  We are proud to have brought this concept to Salem and to have taken it on tour around the state.  Many businesses are stepping up and individuals are being given a second chance through these employers.

The second link is to the recent CCTV Video Voter Guide.  You will be able to hear about some of the accomplishments of the past 4 years and some of the challenges that lay ahead for our county and beyond.

We have a very tough campaign that is only going to get more difficult and I appreciate any support you can provide.  You may donate to our campaign by clicking the DONATE link above.  We have much work ahead of us to make sure that Marion County continues to have experienced fiscally conservative leadership.  Please donate, sign up to receive a field or lawn sign or submit your name as an endorsement.

Remember my door is always open, and I welcome your thoughts, concerns and ideas.  Thank you.