Week of October 8th

Monday evening, October 8 @ 7 PM we are hosting a coffee at the home of Cindy Newman in precinct 325. Call our office for details: 503.269.0915.

Wednesday evening, October 10 @ 6:30 PM Kevin will be will be moderating a Telephone Town Hall featuring Candidate Steve Newgard, and Rep. John Huffman. To be a part of the call, please email your name and phone number to Steve@SteveNewgard.com. During the event you will be able to ask questions of Steve as well as hear how he plans to give working people a chance by becoming the State Representative for HD40.

Thursday, October 11 @ 6:30 PM we are hosting a live Town Hall at Redwood Heights Assisted Living – 4050 12th Street Cutoff SE. Join us!

Friday, October 12 @ noon we will be at Salem City Club for A Discussion of the Pros and Cons of Measures 82 and 83. Will Voters Approve Private Casinos in Oregon? Dye House at Willamette Heritage Center, 1313 Mill Street, Salem.

Have you RSVPed for our 3rd Annual Ladies Bunko Night? Monday, October 22 @ 6:45 PM, The Grand Hotel, Salem. Bunko, prizes, food and fun! If not please do so now. Email or call Raquel at 503.269.0915 or raquel@kevincameronfororegon.com.