Your Invitation to “Oregon’s Second Chance Employment Tour”

I invite you to attend an important event in Oregon’s history occurring this Spring. Scheduled for April 10 at the Salem Convention Center, the kick-off of Oregon’s Second Chance Employment Tour is a first-of-its-kind opportunity to for Oregon’s business community to learn of the tremendous value and incredible potential to be gained by employing people with criminal backgrounds.

I first became involved in efforts to change the trajectory of Oregon’s criminal justice system when, in 2007, then Governor Ted Kulongoski appointed me to the first ever Governor’s Re-entry Council. This statewide leadership group works collaboratively on improving the success and safety of incarceration to community transition. Early on we focused on ways to reducing barriers around employment, housing, and continuity of physical and mental health care.

Eleven years later we continue to help find ways to improve the opportunities for post-incarcerated men and women who actively pursue productive and rewarding lives. This past year I have co-chaired the Business Implementation Team with Genevieve Martin, Executive Director of Dave’s Killer Bread Foundation. As the result of countless hours of planning and collaboration we are proud to announce and help present “Oregon’s Second Chance Tour.”

The tour is a series of regional workshops designed to engage Oregon businesses to learn more about Second Chance Employment, learn how to replicate real-world business / employer examples, and begin providing employment opportunities to individuals with criminal backgrounds; individuals who are dedicated to changing their lives and their community for the better.

Today’s economy presents a unique opportunity for employers to create a win-win for their business and the community. On behalf of the Governor’s Re-entry Council and the Business Implementation Team please join us April 10th in Salem for the Second Chance Employment Tour. Please also consider inviting other businesses that would benefit from a talented and loyal workforce. Visit for all the details.

Thank you for your continued contributions to making Marion County a premier region of employment, opportunity and livability. Please join me and the hundreds of others in our region and our state who know the value of a changed life on April 10th at the Second Change Employment Tour.




p.s. A special thanks to Governor Kate Brown, and Colette S. Peters, Director of the Oregon Department of Corrections for their support as we all work together to create stronger more vibrant communities.

Why you should care:
Individuals with criminal backgrounds face significant barriers when seeking, obtaining and maintaining employment. Similar efforts to this employment tour, as hosted by private companies and employers, have proven that educating and engaging business leaders, business owners, and human resources professionals to explore the possibilities of providing Second Chance Employment is making a positive difference in their workplace, the community and beyond.