2012 Legislative Summary

  • 03.08.2012
  • Kevin Cameron’s Legislative Newsletter

The 2012 session adjourned the evening of Monday, March 5. I am pleased to have reached a rebalanced budget plan without raising taxes or raiding reserves.

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Oregon House Republicans tout five-year plan for 50,000 jobs

  • The Oregonian

Oregon House Republican leader Kevin Cameron came out swinging in January with a jobs plan that his caucus says could create 50,000 jobs over five years. The plan calls for a mix of tax cuts as well as job growth in forestry, farms and food processing. Cameron insists it’s not a partisan plan and has offered to work with House Democrats who share the chamber with Republicans 30-30.

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Lawmakers Open First Session in Even-Numbered Year

  • 02.01.2012
  • KEZI News

The Oregon Legislature was back at work Wednesday for the first time since voters approved annual sessions. Lawmakers say they’ll be focusing on four main issues during this session including balancing the budget, reforming health care, improving education and creating jobs.

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50,000 Jobs in Five Years

  • 01.20.2012
  • Kevin’s Newsletter

This week, the House Republicans announced a detailed, two-part policy agenda for the 2012 legislative session. The agenda offers solutions to promote private-sector job creation while limiting government spending, as well as reforms to reduce red tape, improve classroom funding and make health insurance more affordable.

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Upcoming Annual Session

  • 01.06.2012
  • Kevin's Newsletter

February brings our first constitutional annual session. Due to the legislative resolution which was referred to voters in the Nov. 2010 general election, we amended the state’s constitution and changed the schedule of regular sessions from bi-annual to annual.

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